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Sept 9, 2012

posted Sep 13, 2012, 7:14 AM by Balvihar Teachers Y2   [ updated Sep 7, 2013, 12:38 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]
In the Y2 Class, the description of the versus 1 to 10 of Chapter 2 of Bhavgad Gita was read by the students on their own in about 10 minutes.  This was followed by a discussion on a presentation led by the teachers. ( Please refer presentaiton: 3a. BV Gita chapter 2 1-10 9-9-12.pptx).  The class concluded the dicussion with three take aways: 1) Meaning of word Yoga.  It meant "Connect" and "Path".   Few different Yogas were breifly discussed with the class.  2)  Emphasis on not being a coward.  Arjuana state of mind was discussed.  3)  Not to take implusvie decisions. 
During the second session of the class after a brief break, students discussed the following three topics on Hinduisum: 
1) Why hindus have so many gods?
The class was presented with a high level hindu belief that God is inside each and every sould waiting to be discovered. Hence so many gods. This was followed by a closer look at Hindu belief's and practices.  Three key gods along with their wives and thier key fucntion as per hindu belief were discussed: Bhrama (the creator)/Saraswati (Knowledge), Vishu (preserver and protector) /Laxmi (Wealth) and Shiv (the destroyer) /Parvati  (the shakti). 
For humans to sruvive, one needs the creator, presevor and destoryer. (e.g. cells.  While women gives the birth and raises the child, it is represented by men god)  . 
Along the same lines, for humans to have a good life, one need the knowledge, the strenght and the wealth (repesented by the wives of the god (women).  While men take pride on their knowledge, strength and wealth, it is represented by woman).  
In conclusion,  god is in each and every soul waiting to be discovered.  
2) Do hindus worship cows?
Class was presented with the hindu belief that each and every god had their own vehicle by which they travelled.  These vehicles were reprsented as different animals.  Different gods like Ganesh with his vehicle as mouse, Dugra mata with her vehicle as Lion etc. wered discussed.  In the end it was concluded that in an effort to ensure that animal curelty was not practiced, these animals were made a part of the hindu gods.  Hindus respect animals.  Hindus do not worship animals.  The class was also presented witht the fact that Durga mata with her vehicle Lion was worshipped in Bengal and Amba Mata with Lion was worshipped in Gujarat beacuase large number of Lions were presented in both these states.
Cow was given the most respect of all animals because of heavy depenedce of humans on cow.  Cows were used in farmaing, cows gave milk that was source of strength, cow dung was used as fuel, cow dung was used as fertilizer etc.
3) Do hindus worship idols?
The class discussed that Hinduss do not worhisp stone or metal "idol" as God.  Hindus worhship God through the image. This was followed by the discussion that all religions have thier symbolso f holiness.  To name a few, Chirstian Cross, or statues of Mother Mary, the holy Kaabian Mecca, the Arc and Torah of the Jews.
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